My favourite Windows Phone apps – #1 in a series

  • FlightRadar24

Living 20 miles from LHR, we get a number of planes flying overhead throughout the day. Since the demise of Concorde, they are not low or loud enough to generate much noise pollution. I am, though, curious where they are off to… which is where FlightRadar24 comes in.

I picked up their Windows Phone app out of curiosity whilst trawling through the long lists of crap on MarketPlace (I dread to think what the iPhone and Android app stores must contain). On their website, they haven’t yet caught up with the fact such an app exists for WP7, which is always encouraging.

I can now see the planes flying overhead displayed as little yellow plane icons on Bing maps. If I tap a plane icon, it brings up the stats for that flight. For example, this plane photographed a few minutes ago is a Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS flying from Krakow to Dublin at an altitude of 38,000 feet (7 miles) with a ground speed of 444 knots (511 mph). The pilot’s name is Keith.


[[Yes, I could have stood outside my house waiting for a plane taking off from Heathrow to get a better photo but I have work to do.]]

So a useful app for those people who are:

  • aeroplane geeks
  • waiting for loved ones to land
  • watching the skies
  • lounging around in the garden
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