My favourite Windows Phone apps – #3 in a series

  • Amazon Kindle

I had a brief play on a Kindle Touch in Tesco yesterday and wasn’t impressed. Screen refresh seemed slow and the device just didn’t feel solid enough (too flimsy, not too insubstantial). My phone has the Amazon Kindle app installed and the experience is very different.

I realise that the hardware specifications of the two platforms correspond to their purchase prices and so the screen, for example, of the Kindle Touch isn’t going to look as nice as that of the HTC Radar.

Despite the small screen – 17-20 lines of 6-8 words each, around half that of the number of words displayed by the Touch – I’ve found the smartphone interface very easy to read. So much so that I’m able to cup the phone in my hand and read a book while walking to and from work or sitting up in bed.

Now that I’ve read a whole book on the phone, it’s only the price that is preventing me from making further purchases digital-only. If a paperback book costs, say, £6.00 new then I’m not going to be interested in paying the same for a Kindle version which has zero sell-on value.

So at the moment I’m downloading sub-£1 or free books to my phone until I get fed up with carrying physical editions.

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