The Secret World on Radio 4

I’m a big podcast listener on my way to and from work so am always on the lookout for some decent comedy content. For this purpose, I subscribed to the Radio 4 Comedy of the Week podcast which provides samples every now and then.

Most of them are not in the style I can enjoy listening to – programs that sound like the Archers with a humorous plot just don’t do it for me.

This week, though, the featured program was The Secret World which I hadn’t heard about before, despite it now being into its 3rd series.

The impression show that imagines alternative lives for famous people. Each episode takes place over one day, with stories unfolding and overlapping from morning to night.

In this third series the team of Jon Culshaw, Lewis MacLeod, Julian Dutton, Duncan Wisbey, Margarter Cabourn-Smith, Jessica Robinson is joined by Debra Stephenson.

Episode 1 had lovely impressions of professor Brian Cox and others, especially Alan Bennett contacting the customer services department of a toaster manufacturer because he wasn’t completely happy. And there was even educational content as they inserted the fact that Alpha Centauri is a star system and not, as I’d thought, an individual solar body. Laughs and learning – a magic combo.

Unfortunately the other episodes are not in podcast format (BBC podcast list here) so you’ll have to listen live (next show October 2nd) or to the last couple through the media player on the website.

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