Reading’s own Russ Powell @RussJokes

The MacDevitts room at South Street is the starter for comedians as they work their way up to the 1,200 seats at the Hexagon. It’s an 80-seater, with 60 seats set out tonight for Russ Powell.

We had turned up on the strength of his YouTube presence alone, not having seen him before. Russ is at the start of his career in comedy but has a reasonable set of jokes and stories. The audience, a sort of home crowd even though Russ is from Brighton, were very friendly so I don’t think he had to work as hard as may have been required in a comedy store or at the Fringe.

There were only a few of Russ’ habits that I found distracting :

  • Stop stroking your nose. I know you’re nervous but just touch something less conspicuous.
  • Stop glancing at your wristwatch. You were the only act on so didn’t have to worry about overrunning. If you need to pace yourself, do it less obviously.

Other than that, a perfectly acceptable evening out and well worth a tenner.


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