Room 101 – second series

I heard Frank Skinner hawking his wares on the radio the other day so made sure I caught the start of the second series of Room 101. I like the programme as you see famous people getting emotional about things they hate – as Frank mentioned, this is in contrast to the usual fluff you hear when someone’s pushing their latest book/show/record.

Normally I find their choices of items for Room 101 to be amusing or intriguing but this time I just became annoyed and disappointed because they had the audacity to comment on things I enjoy. They obviously hadn’t read the script that stated choices should only be made that offend other people.

Miranda Hart had a bee in her bonnet about fruit and vegetables out of context and happily consigned the following to oblivion:

  • Hawaiian pizzas
  • Carrot cake
  • Beetroot cake

I’m not sure about sweet vegetable cakes but pineapple on ham is a must. How can anyone object to gammon with a juicy ring of fruit on top? Almost as bad as not having sultanas in a curry.

John Craven came across as a disappointingly old fuddy-duddy who wanted to kill off eBooks. I like to read a physical book as much as the next middle-aged man but nothing beats the portability of the Kindle app on my phone. I remember going to school (back in the last century) with a paperback book always in a blazer pocket for the bus rides. Now I’ll carry a range of books on my phone for the train journey to work.

Miranda joined in bashing technology by decrying the yout of today spending all their time on Smartphones. I can so easily imagine her in a different era complaining about people with their noses stuck in books, watching TV or sitting at the bottom of the stairs talking to friends on the telephone for hours on end. People have always had the choice of ignoring the world around them and doing something much more interesting instead. Smartphones are just the current way of avoiding a life less interesting.

And the audience cheered the pair of them on, too. Where on earth did the programme get them from?

Can’t wait to see what Victoria Coren, Phil Tufnell and Terry Wogan come up with to similarly irritate me on Sunday.

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