Stupid packaging

I like the current trend for colourful and/or amusing packaging used by niche food producers such as Innocent (drinks) and Higgidy (pies). It adds personality to the brand and gives you something to read. The text on the packaging, though, should not detract form your ability to enjoy the product.

Take this Pieminster pie:

WP_001952 (2)

At £3.49, firmly in the premium pie sector.

As you can see from the packaging, you just need open the handy flap and “MUNCH”. So, if you’re after food for a buffet or packed lunch, this sounds ideal.

WP_001950 (2)

Of course, should you take the pie out and cut it into quarters like I did, you’ll find it’s still uncooked, as hinted at on the bottom of the box.

WP_001951 (2)

I would show you a photo of the pie but it’s currently in the oven being heated up…  {twiddles thumbs}}

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