Attila the Stockbroker

Another visit to the Rising Sun Arts Centre to see Attila the Stockbroker play and rant. This venue is on the room-above-the-pub scale so about the capacity of MacDevitts Bar at South Street Arts Centre just down the road. It’s an independent which means it has a much better range of Real Ales than the council-run places. Bit cold in winter, though.

Tonight Attila was en route home from St Andrews where he’d watched his beloved Brighton throw away two points with “Kuszczak’s uncharacteristic 92nd minute impersonation of a pissed flatfish….” The snow didn’t delay him arriving but it was an encouragement to finish the gig on time.

I think he’s a lovely man. His politics may not be a perfect match for mine but his sustained opposition to fascism and right wing extremism is entirely commendable. The poems and songs can be funny, even when making important and serious statements, and it’s a hardened soul that doesn’t feel a lump in their throat when they hear “The Long Goodbye”.

Set list (in no particular order) – Reverbnation has a page for most of Attila’s repertoire (audio, lyrics/words, downloads) so you can make up for not going. If they’re not listed, try Attila’s own site.

  • Prince Harry’s Knob (The Sun Readers Song)
  • Comandante Joe
  • Doggy on a String
  • Every Time I Eat Vegetables
  • Maggots 1 Maggie 0
  • Spirit of the Age
  • The Long Goodbye (Words)
  • Never Too Late
  • Too Much Pressure
  • Oh for the Days when ‘Spam’ was just a Monty Python Sketch (Words – scroll down to poem)
  • Use of English
  • Shed Fire
  • My Poetic Licence
  • Asylum Seeking Daleks!
  • The Bible according to Rupert Murdoch
  • Supermodel
  • Only Football?
  • Abramovitch’s Donkey Sanctuary
  • Looters
  • Bye Bye Banker!
  • Joseph Porter’s Sleeping Bag…
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