A key day

My time at work was controlled by keys today.

Now my bike has been tuned up, I’ve gone back to cycling to work which means I can leave home slightly later. This morning I realised that the key to the garage was not in an obvious location (such as my pocket) and by that time the train was long gone. So I arrived at work half an hour late but the silver lining, having caught the next train, was that in the evening I didn’t have to cycle home in the biting Siberian wind that would have made the trek home uncomfortable.

And, being the last in the office as I made up for lost time, I was given the task of locking up for the night. Not being one to plan ahead, I spent precious minutes trying to work out which of the keys was the one I wanted and getting it to work so when I eventually got to the station, the train was long gone [[spotted the theme yet?]]. The silver lining this time was that I knew I’d miss the train so didn’t both to jog for it and cause myself an injury as I did two months ago (and that took ages to clear up).

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