Student Nationals 2013 Day 0 (Friday)

The National Wargaming and Roleplaying Championships are back in Sheffield… again… and so are we.

The way it works is that the overall winning team takes the championship to their university for the following year as hosts (unless they chicken out). This means the winning team can’t win the next year as the hosts don’t get to compete AND run the event (they’re only human). In practice this means Sheffield alternate as hosts because they insist on winning.

  • 2000 Glasgow host
  • 2001 Leicester (DM) host
  • 2002 Bangor host
  • 2003 Dundee host
  • 2004 Sheffield host
  • 2005 Bradford host
  • 2006 Sheffield host
    • 2007 Edinburgh host
    • 2008 Sheffield host
    • 2009 Manchester (Metro) host
    • 2010 Edinburgh (HW) host
    • 2011 Sheffield host
    • 2012 Cardiff host
    • 2013 Sheffield host

    We’ve been attending the Nationals since 2005 so this our 9th but I don’t see us attending many more. It’s a very social event and it really helps to have a team with you. Some Universities manage a coach load each year. Reading manages just a driver and passenger. Maybe for 2014 I’ll finally get GARPS to raise a team.

    As usual, we’re boardgamers. That means we’ll be expected to learn and play at least half a dozen games (If we’re lucky, some may be familiar to us). As such, we believe this to be one of the more challenging categories.


    After picking up our registration packs at the Student Union, we passed up on The Interval bar (with its special mead brewed for the Nationals) and went off in search of a meal. Glossop Road has a large number and we settled on the Orient Express – large portions and reasonable prices. The “Pork Belly with Yam”, which I picked off the menu for variety, is definitely something I’ll want to make at home some time.


    Filled up, we returned to our accommodation. Being an event aimed at students, where we stay is usually some distance away so that we get a decent night’s sleep in readiness for the 9am kick-off. This year we’ve gone for an apartment in the West.ONE complex in central Sheffield. Although marginally pricier than a hotel, you have more space, a massive TV, and a full kitchen. Not as much character as the narrowboat we stayed in last time we were in Sheffield but the mod cons do so make up for that.

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