Student Nationals 2013 Day 2 (Sunday)

Today I’m feeling 100% and up for gaming but the rest of the Reading team are not so lucky so we decide to go home around lunchtime.

I did, though, manage a quick visit to the Nationals to say “hi” to the people who had missed us and were wondering how we were getting on.


Being a collector, I made sure I had bought a full set of charity dice which this year are mafia-themed. In any game, there will be times when Lady Luck is just not concentrating like she should be and the dice aren’t going your way. By donating 50p, you receive a specially made die and a re-roll. I have seen some stupid amounts of money being spent this way but it IS for charity. There is a potential down-side to this, though. Although raising money for charity is a good thing, this is a competitive event so it should be bad form to win through having more buying power than those around you. There’re always the raffle tickets. Apparently there’s a game you can play with them, created by Alex Patterson (Jackal Pack Games), but unfortunately I didn’t get round to picking up a copy.


Before leaving, I looked at the trade stands in the main hall and picked up a present for Samantha – a cross-stitch pattern of Totoro, the Studio Ghibli character, from Geek Stitch.

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