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Scepticism at the pub

I’d been very excited about listening to the Little Atoms host at “Reading Sceptics in the Pub”. Sadly he was marooned on the M25. Cafe Scientifique would never have let everyone down in this manner. On the plus side, I … Continue reading

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Pseudoscience you shouldn’t tell some one to stick up their …

A Groupon-style email from Livingsocial caught my attention today. For some reason, I’d thought this quackery had been exposed as such ages ago – pretty naive, I know. Clicking through, I’m told: As any mechanic can tell you, an engine … Continue reading

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Professor Chris Collins, from the Black Country (COTW), is explaining tonight about how we decide if soil is too polluted or not. Allotment owners would have done themselves a favour by turning up as he covered the problems of traditional … Continue reading

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Yes, Nina Conti Really Is On The Radio

Nina is a lovely ventriloquist and I’ve seen her several times on TV. The monkey and granny puppets are the most well-known but her reportoire does include a suitcase of others. Going on the radio is an interesting experiment, 50 … Continue reading

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