Ladies Day at Newbury Racecourse plus Meat Loaf

In 2011, Ladies Day with Tom Jones  at Newbury Racecourse was surprisingly fun so this year’s with Meat Loaf was an easy sell, especially as Meat back in April had announced he planned to retire at the end of the 2013 “Last At Bat” tour. Although I’m not a huge fan – I only have Bat I/II/III and Dead Ringer – this was an opportunity that wouldn’t come again.

First, though, was the horseracing. Last year was mildly profitable and lead me into a false belief that it would be the same again. I have listed with each race the harsh lessons I learned.


Race 1 – 1:35pm – Betfred Better Odds on Goals Galore EBF Maiden Fillies’ Stakes


  1. 10 Lightning Thunder 7/1
  2. 15 Tea In Transvaal 5/2 F
  3. 7 Fashion Fund 11/4
    14 Ran

Lesson 1 – Betting on a horse to place would have been a smarter choice – more chance of winning but smaller return.

Race 2 – 2:05pm – The Denford Stud Stakes


  1. 4 Somewhat 11/8 F
  2. 6 Be Ready 5/2
    7 Ran

Lesson 2 – don’t listen to people’s recommendations you overheard on the train to the racecourse.

Race 3 – 2:40pm – Betfred TV Geoffrey Freer Stakes


  1. 8 Royal Empire 8/1
  2. 1 Red Cadeaux 13/2
  3. 6 Lost In The Moment 6/1
    10 Ran

Lesson 3 – betting to place (after learning from lesson 1) does not mean you will automatically win

Race 4 – 3:15pm – Betfred Hungerford Stakes


  1. 3 Gregorian 3/1
  2. 1 Soft Falling Rain 9/4 F
    5 Ran

Lesson 4 – coincidences are for the dim-witted; just because there is soft falling rain at the time does not improve the performance of a similarly-named horse (pictured below, ridden by Paul Hanagan).


Race 5 – 3:50pm – Betfred Mobile Sports Ladies Day Handicap Stakes


  1. 6 Glen Moss 5/2 F
  2. 2 Dance And Dance 7/1
  3. 12 Axiom 25/1
    14 Ran

Lesson 5 – omens are equally for the dim-witted; if a horse defecates whilst walking around the parade ring, it is not any more likely to win than one that did so when you weren’t looking.

Race 6 – 4:25pm – Betfred Watch Fred’s Pushes on Betfred TV Handicap Stakes


  1. 3 Thomas Hobson 9/4 F
  2. 4 Jabhaat 3/1
  3. 6 Buckstay 8/1
    8 Ran

Lesson 6 – horse names that sound like Star Wars characters are not assisted by The Force

Race 7 – 4:55pm – Betfred ‘Treble Odds on Lucky 15s’ Ladies Derby Handicap Stakes


  1. 5 Hi Note 7/2
  2. 7 Jezza 13/2
    7 Ran

Lesson 7 – do not let yourself get so distracted by beer and chat that you almost run out of time to place bets. 

So £24 gambled and nothing in return except banter with my drinking partner of the day, Mr Lucky Bastard.

Talking of beer, easily the best place was the Copper King bar. The queues were negligible; it’s a proper building so not a wind-blown tent or serving hatch; the races were on the TVs so you didn’t have to get too damp; lastly, but most important, they had proper beer on tap.

Some people didn’t realise that dressing as a lady on Ladies Day was optional:


But what about the meat of the event? As you can see, the view could have been better but then I would have had to have left the bar earlier. Swings and roundabouts.


As you can see, the weather was remaining a little on the damp side but I still enjoyed singing along to the songs I knew (basically anything at least 20 years old). 


I’m assuming the set list from Newmarket (yesterday, the 16th)  was the same as Newbury:

  • Runnin’ for the Red Light (Welcome…)
  • Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back (Bat 2)
  • Dead Ringer for Love (Dead Ringer)
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Break It (Bat 3)
  • Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul (Rocky Horror)
  • You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Bat 1)
  • Living on the Outside (Hang Cool Teddy Bear)
  • Out of the Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) (Bat 2)
  • I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) (Bat 2)
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Bat 1)
  • Bat out of Hell (Bat 1)
  • All Revved Up with No Place to Go (Bat 1)

And, all too soon, it was time to go.

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