It’s Reading Festival time so priority is what’s on at the Comedy tent

For me the annual festival is a chance to watch a bunch of comedians during the day followed by a couple of major bands in the evening. As it’s £90 for a day ticket, which bands are on is a deal breaker. This year I picked Friday for Green Day, supported by System of a Down, in preference to Eminem (Saturday) and Biffy Clyro (Sunday).

But who’s on at the Alternative Stage? Annoyingly, the Reading Festival website just lumps all the acts together and you need to click on each person’s name to see the date on their biography page. Here’s what I managed to find:




Rob Delaney

Russell Kane

Judah Friedlander World Champion

Shappi Khorsandi

Josh Widdicombe

Lee Nelson

Jamie Kilstein

Carl Donnelly’s national Novelty Dance Finals

Paul Chowdhry

Nathan Caton

Andrew O’Neill

Joel Dommett

Idiots Of Ants

Tiffany Stevenson

Katherine Ryan

Tom Deacon

Mark Simmons

Holly Walsh

Elis James

Daniel Townes

Luisa Omielan

Rob Beckett

Andrew Ryan

The Hardy Bucks

Unknown date: Trevor Noah, Suzi Ruffell ((Tweeted them to find out when they’re on stage))

I’m pleased that Shappi is on Friday but was really hoping I’d be able to see Paul Chowdhry and Josh Widdicombe (assuming he’d be more cheerful than at Applecart). Just realised that I’ve tickets to see Rob Beckett during the Reading Comedy Festival so I expect the jokes will be the same in October. That’s how the dice roll. Mine must be haunted.

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