Josie Long’s Short Cuts

I must recommend “Short Cuts” on Radio 4 to everyone. The last series finished back in July but the podcasts are still available on the BBC site.

After feeling a bit “scienced”-out, I had a browse of the BBC podcast store to find something different and decided on a series of short documentaries introduced by Josie Long.

Short Cuts

Each episode is on a different theme

  1. Someone to Watch Over Me (28 May 13)
  2. Taking Flight (04 Jun 13)
  3. Split (11 Jun 13)
  4. Lines of Communication (18 Jun 13)
  5. Lost and Found (25 Jun 13)
  6. Escape (02 Jul 13)

They are all lovingly put together – the voices are clear, background music is well-selected and relaxing, and the short stories all ones you want to keep listening to. Josie’s commentary, though, is a bit like Harry Hill’s on “You’ve Been Framed” – it’s not essential to the podcasts as the stories stand up on their own but if you’re a fan of her oeuvre then it’s not a problem. Here’s a lovely example of what you can expect to find:

“The Automated Relationship Replacement Hotline” from Split

Image for The Automated Relationship Replacement Hotline

[[I did try to imagine Josie as a newsreader but failed as she seems to sound like she’s laughing at even the most appalling of disasters. If you give the podcasts a listen, you’ll probably hear what I mean.]]

I was shocked to find that this is series THREE  and I’ve therefore missed the previous two that were presented by Nina Garthwaite last year. There are some representative clips on the BBC website I’ll need to catch up with online but, sadly, no full podcasts.

Only a few weeks to wait for series four as this ‘patchwork of pleasure’ will be broadcast on Radio 4 on the 24th so make that a date to tune in your crystal sets.

On a side-note, I like the BBC’s podcast page as it has a button for automatically configuring my Zune for the subscription.


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