Café Sci – Sahel monsoons

Good presentations from a Kiwi teaching in Oklahoma and his more home-grown sidekick (Professor Peter Lamb and Doctor Rosalind Cornforth). Takeaway messages – Sehal monsoon weather systems are hard to understand; weather is hard to predict as a result; getting usable and timely data to villages is hard (multiple dialects, low tech environments, gender issues, warfare, farmers vs herders, etc.).

Nearly quarter billion people affected by the monsoons but seem to be moving out of a sustained 40 year period of reduced rainfall and outright drought. Unfortunately a period of floods seems to be on the cards with destroyed crops and death by drowning instead of destroyed crops and death from thirst.

Crises list

  • Rapid population growth
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Weak governance
  • Recurrent conflict
  • Land degradation
  • Low food production
  • High dependence on rain-fed agriculture

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