Iszi at MacDevitt’s

Tonight was another almost-sold-out gig for Iszi Lawrence at MacDevitt’s. For those not familiar with the comedy scene in Reading, it goes something like this:image

Iszi’s current tour, entitled General Relativity – “On the general relativity of happiness and how best to avoid it” – is in town as part of the world-famous annual Reading Comedy Festival. Iszi had modestly added the subtitle “(A Work In Progress)” to give it that “warming up for Edinburgh” feel.

The audience was spotted with minor celebs, such as local poet AF Harrold and Izsi’s sister-in-law, to call out just a couple.

The show followed the usual format of 20 minutes light-hearted chat with the audience and 40 minutes of comedy proper after the intermission. Fans will be pleased to know that there was a good mix of new material and cherished favourites throughout.

I especially appreciated empathising with Iszi’s tales of woe in John Lewis’ cutlery section – I recall Sue and I were once there for ages before we settled on a set from LLB.

Iszi does, though, keep bringing up her sexual proclivities. I do realise that we should be open and accepting about the fact that other people may have different desires but she has to realise that hirsutophilia is not for everyone.

Iszi’s other pursuits which are worth a look:

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