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Met my first real 911 conspiracy theorists tonight at Sceptics in the Pub. Classic anomaly hunters focussing on things like “the buildings wouldn’t fall vertically without the steel pillars being cut at the bottom”. One of the pair planned to … Continue reading

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Little Atoms at the Pub

Had a lovely time listening to Neil Denning talking about his Road Trip across the USA interviewing science people. I really like Neil because he is like me – he is not confrontational and only talks to people he wants … Continue reading

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How much salt?!

I sometimes wonder why a meal I make from scratch doesn’t always taste as good as one made with the aid of a packet mix. Is it the “freshness” of the dried ingredients? I must admit that the herbs in … Continue reading

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Damn you for working. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

For a while now, every time I’ve closed Tweetdeck, it has unsuccessfully tried to download and install an update. The download would seem to terminate way too quickly, making the update package incomplete and unusable. So I manually tried to … Continue reading

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Paul Merton’s Improv Chums

I’m glad I decided to keep Sue company for Paul Merton’s Improv Chums as it was an enjoyable evening. I’d seen improvisation on TV before – mainly Whose Line is it Anyway? – but that was twenty years ago and … Continue reading

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