Damn you for working. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

For a while now, every time I’ve closed Tweetdeck, it has unsuccessfully tried to download and install an update. The download would seem to terminate way too quickly, making the update package incomplete and unusable.

So I manually tried to download the full install from TweetDeck.com and that failed for the first few attempts too  before I eventually got the whole 28MB file saved to disk.

Even with the complete file available, setup would annoyingly fail and roll back every time I tried. Maybe the download was still corrupt?

Putting my techy hat on, I decided to debug the failure by logging the installation process even though that would mean ploughing through 100s of lines of text to find out what was going wrong.

The install package is an MSI file so I went to:

Msiexec (command-line options)

and built up a command line that logged output:  msiexec /i TweetDeck.msi /Lv tweetlog.txt

I ran the command … and TweetDeck installed without problem. Huh? Strangely, I now feel slightly cheated.

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