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“Update Facebook Security”

Sitting at the Hexagon browsing my email and I see: I knew immediately that this was a problem. It wasn’t the email itself as I receive them every now and then when I log onto a new device or the … Continue reading

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Writing is hard

Writing is hard. It’s taken me a couple of minutes to get that far. I want to suggest that I need to get back into the habit of writing but that would give the impression that I had at some … Continue reading

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Antibodies R Us

Another good evening for those into beer’n’science. David Knight, Research Scientist at UCB Pharma, gave a talk on “Engineering antibodies: the science behind therapeutics” at Monroe’s Rock Cafe, one of a few Science-friendly pubs in Reading. Having had a couple … Continue reading

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Cashless bar? Not yet.

At Mastercard, the focus is the cashless society where everything is paid for through some other means, such as credit cards. So I’ve taken pleasure in buying someone’s drink for them at the bar. They wanted to pay for a … Continue reading

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