“Update Facebook Security”

Sitting at the Hexagon browsing my email and I see:


I knew immediately that this was a problem. It wasn’t the email itself as I receive them every now and then when I log onto a new device or the IP address of my PC changes. The location, just down the A4, could have been where my ISP joined the Internet so wasn’t a red flag. It was one little detail – “Chrome on Windows” – that meant trouble. There was no way that login could be from me.

So I had a look at which company owned the IP address:

address:        Iomart Hosting Ltd t/a RapidSwitch
address:        Spectrum House
address:        Clivemont Road
address:        Maidenhead
address:        SL6 7FW

Never heard of them.

I clicked on the “secure your account” link in the email and changed my password. In the process, Facebook shows you the most recent applications given access to your account which turned out for me to be two instances of  “Update Facebook Security”. I remember clicking on a recommended link recently (thanks, Dunmow) that took me to a Facebook-lookalike page that must have harvested my password before I realised what I was doing and bailed out.

Seems to be a scam to get my credit card details:

What is a Facebook “Update Security Policy” App?

Stay alert, people.

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