Saved by the NHS

Today the crown on one of my molars came off for the second time. Thankfully this is a rare event as the last one was Christmas Eve 2004. What irritated was that both happened on a Friday lunchtime. Why? Well, it’s because that’s when most dentists across the country shut for the weekend. It’s not late at night or the weekend when you’d EXPECT them to be shut. No, it’s part of a normal working day.

((Also, why did this happen a few weeks before my company dental plan kicks in?))

After fruitlessly phoning several local surgeries, I called 111 who gave me the number for the Berkshire out-of-hours dental helpline. Amusingly, I would have to wait until 4pm for someone to call me back to advise what to do. Maybe “out-of-hours” should be defined for them as including Friday afternoons.

So I decided to pass the time looking for emergency dentists online and found Mr Bakhshish Singh Ranu. A quick phone call and a rushed drive through Earley, got me to 221a Shinfield Road – most disappointed it wasn’t 221b. As you can see, not an imposing facade.   


The waiting room was empty and the previous visitor just leaving so Mr Ranu saw me straight away. Pleasant enough chap although too quietly spoken to hear most of the time. 

Couldn’t believe that I was allowed to leave, work done, for just £18. Must remember to mention that to Greg, my usual private dentist, when I go for a check-up. I’m sure he’ll find that hilarious as he pours me an espresso from the shiny Italian chrome coffee machine next to the comfy leather seats in the exquisitely refurbished Smile Studio that I help to finance, visit by visit.  

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