Infernal Contraption game review

To pass the time at the Nationals, Sue and I tried out a game we hadn’t seen before – Infernal Contraption (1st ed) by Privateer Press. As you can see, the box art is appealing so I was hoping for a quick, fun game.


We quickly found, though, that it wasn’t as enjoyable to play as we’d hoped. The underlying premise is to force the other player to burn through their deck before you do. The cards represent pieces of a machine and the tiny text indicates what happens when that piece is activated each turn (pick up a card, discard a card, etc.)


So a simple game mechanism to understand but, once you’d worked out how to inflict heavy card loss (which doesn’t take long), you wonder when the “fun-fuelled” aspect is supposed to kick in.

BoardGameGeek’s average rating for this game is 5.99/10 which seems fair.

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