The Last Basket Maker of Caversham

Not sure when this wall was revealed in Star Road, Caversham (near where I work) but, judging from the presence of scaffolding, it must have been recently.


W. & R. Knight
Basket Manufacturers

A better quality photo taken by someone else is here. The building used to have  plain cream/white wall, as revealed below by Google’s Street View, so it’s been recently stripped back to the brick.


So, who were the Knights?

According to the National Archives, the Berkshire Record Office has Photographs of basket made by Mr Knight, last basket maker in Caversham” in Miscellaneous Unofficial Collections (Catalogue 10).

A few Romany websites have a subset of the 1881 census which includes a group of Knights:

Oxfordshire 1881 Basket Makers

Name Relationship Born circa Birthplace Residence at census
Henry W Knight married to Annie 1834
(age ~47)
Wargrave, Berkshire Caversham, Oxfordshire
Annie Knight married to Henry 1842
(age ~39)
Harrow, Middlesex Caversham, Oxfordshire
George Knight son of Henry and Annie 1861
(age ~20)
Reading, Berkshire Caversham, Oxfordshire
Edward Knight married to Ellen 1847
(age ~34)
Reading, Berkshire Caversham, Oxfordshire
Ellen Knight married to Edward 1851
(age ~30)
Mortimer, Berkshire Caversham, Oxfordshire

No Ws or Rs as first initial in those cases. I think I’d need to subscribe to a website like to dig any further.

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2 Responses to The Last Basket Maker of Caversham

  1. lady_kirsty_b says:

    This is my house!

    • Cavershamlady says:

      Are you going to leave the sign intact? It’s an interesting bit of history! I guess you could get people knocking on your door asking for baskets!!

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