How the beer theme went

So, another Reading beer festival has come and gone. Time to see how well I was able to drink to a theme.

On Friday I was volunteering to help out at the entrance scanning in advance ticket holders. To help me get through the evening, I was given a number of drinking vouchers as a ‘thank you’ for helping out on the night and the previous Monday setting up the bars.

I excused myself from ticket scanning and fought my way to the nearest bar. “Power Station” caught my eye and I settled on the theme of industry.

Appleford Power Station 4.2% 5:55pm
WJ King & Co Working Class Hero 3.6% 6:10pm
Heavy Industry Electric Mountain 3.8% 6:20pm
Brunswick Rocket 4.7% 7:25pm

“Working Class Hero” soon followed and, with “Electric Mountain” from the appropriately named Heavy Industry brewery, I was doing well. The half of “Rocket” was added in memory of the contribution to industry made by the invention of the steam engine.

An hour later and the wheels fell off. The theme was just too hard to find drinks that fitted so I drowned my sorrow.

Shortts Farm Strummer 3.8% 8:20pm
Adkin Alfred’s Conflict of Interest 4.6% 9:15pm
Caffle Drop Squint 5.2% 9:40pm
Jolly Boat Contraband 5.8% 10:00pm
Mad Cat Mild Disobedience 4.0% 10:20pm

Saturday lunchtime and I’m back (with more vouchers), this time to help at Beer Bar B serving out the produce from some of the the C&D brewers.

Foundry Foundry Man’s Gold 4.0% 12:00 noon

I initially felt that the theme was back on the road with the Foundry Brewery but then I was distracted by beers racked directly behind me. The Chimera IPA was almost completely empty (about a third/half a pint left) so I finished it off for the good of the punters. Mutiny Dark Lager was very nice. So nice that I went back there again, an almost unheard of occurrence – when you have 100s of beers to choose from, why have the same one twice? I tried the Dark Nomadic Ale after testing it on a number of people who didn’t know what they wanted and achieving a high success rate.

Downton Chimera IPA 6.8% 12:30pm
Dorset Mutiny Dark Lager 4.4% 1:00pm
Dancing Man Dark Nomadic Ale 4.7% 1:45pm
Dorset Mutiny Dark Lager 4.4% 2:40pm

My shift was over so I took time out to listen to blues and ukuleles before buying (!) a half. I was warned “it’s not golden” – obviously they had a number of unhappy customers over this one. Looked dark and tasted grim. Only after checking online later did I find this was a dark chocolate beer – hence the name (nothing to do with Molineux, sadly).

Wharfebank Golden Ticket 4.5% 4:00pm

So, another year to go for my next trip to Kings meadow.

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