Well, that was easy

My new Devolo Homeplug AV adapters arrived in the post today and very quickly everything was up and running.


There were some minor problems, such as realising there was no CD of software AFTER I had swapped out the existing network for the new plugs. As it turned out, the only advantage of downloading the Cockpit software from the Internet was that I could then watch everything working seamlessly anyway.

The only tasks I had were both optional – choose names for the plugs (so I knew which was which) and provide a password for the administering these devices.

After that I decided to put the 4th adapter in the library for an extra Wi-Fi access point. This one didn’t automatically appear, the other minor problem I hinted at, so I had to type in the 16-character Security ID off its reverse into the Cockpit software.


Once Cockpit located the adapter, I could name it.


Next, I  decided to update the new member’s firmware just like I had the other three earlier. The Cockpit software goes off to the Internet, locates the update and downloads it.


It knows which ones are already up to date and shows progress for the adapter in the library.


Piece of cake.

The speeds are not as high as I had hoped for but it is an improvement and there a LOT of cheap extension blocks degrading the overall ability of the copper to transmit a signal. The home server is in the study (on the right in the diagram) and I have a range of speeds to the other locations.

  • Study to the master bedroom directly above it – 166 Mbit/sec
  • Study to the living room on the other side of the house – 60 Mbit/sec
  • Study to the library on the other side and upstairs –  80 Mbit/sec

which shows I may need to move some adapters around to get better speeds.


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