How to generate an income from donating to Oxfam

There are five charity shops in Woodley precinct to choose from but I always go to Oxfam first (unless it’s Sunday when the buggers are shut).

  1. Their logo is a lovely green colour
  2. It’s the closest charity shop to the car park
  3. I get Nectar points

So every time we accumulate a sack of cast-offs, I slap a sticker on it with my account number and wait for the points to just pour in. 

And wait…

Little did I know, I had to wait for the tax year to finish. An email dropped into my Inbox this week informing me:

For your records, your total sales for the full tax year 2013/14 are £29.54 and Gift Aid is £7.39.  

Well, that’s not too bad.

Your total of £36.93 could pay to train three women farmers in Armenia to develop their businesses and marketing skills to improve the price at which they can sell their produce.

Not exactly saving kids from famine but still a worthy use of the money.

Out of interest, I had a browse on the Oxfam website and found the following:

No longer happy to donate to Oxfam? 
If you wish to receive the proceeds from the sale of your items rather than donate them to Oxfam, you can write to us at Supporter Relations  within 21 days of the date of this letter, stating your Donor number and giving us the account name, account number and sort code number of the bank account that you would like us to credit.

Wait a minute – I can get the money? Thirty quid? {{twitch}}

I’m glad they only made £30 from the donated items – it makes it so much easier to say “no, it’s OK, you keep it”.

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