Cake–it’s a Northern thing

Had an enjoyable evening at a local quiz night for Macmillan Cancer Support. The event was to raise awareness of a group of local women taking part in next month’s 26.2 mile Stonehenge-to-Avebury Trekathon and to raise additional money for the charity.


Our table of five tried valiantly but only managed 7th out of 10 teams. The biggest obstacle was that we didn’t watch enough movies because that subject must have made up at least a quarter of the total marks.

Things I learned:

  • If the venue is a church hall, bring your own booze as there won’t be a bar
  • If you buy enough tickets, you will win something in the raffle. (Anyone want to buy a book? Brand new, unused.)
  • Yorkshire Parkin is traditionally eaten on Guy Fawkes night.

So, come November, I will be trying out this oat-based gingerbread concoction. Anyone have a recipe they can recommend before I look online?

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