Stiff Little Fingers @ Sub89

Great gig, as usual. That’s three times in the last 4 years. Definitely a band I have a sweet spot for.

A new album is coming out on general release next week (after a ten year gap), from which they played only three tracks. It’s good that they’ve not given up completely on writing any new material. “No Going Back” shows a growing change in the music industry by being crowd-sourced through PledgeMusic. After existing on ‘borrowed’ music, I’ve finally showed some commitment and bought the first five albums (‘Original Album Series’ box set) for a tenner.

Support by Ghost of the Avalanche, “two-piece noise-punks”. Definitely noisy.


Set list (by year, not order on the night)

1979 (Inflammable Material)

  • Wasted Life
  • Barbed Wire Love
  • Johnny Was
  • Suspect Device
  • Alternative Ulster

1980 (Nobody’s Heroes)

  • Straw Dogs
  • At The Edge
  • Nobody’s Hero
  • Doesn’t Make it Alright
  • Fly The Flag
  • Tin Soldiers

1981 (Go for It)

  • Just Fade Away
  • Silver Lining

1982 (Now Then…)

  • Listen

1994 (Get a Life)

  • Roots Radicals Rockers Reggae


  • Strummerville 

2014 (No Going Back)

  • My Dark Places
  • Throwing It All Away
  • When We Were Young
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One Response to Stiff Little Fingers @ Sub89

  1. marty21 says:

    Saw them in 1980 , the 2nd gig I ever went to (Depeche Mode/Blancmange beat them by a week or so) Last saw them about 5 years ago, started at the front but retreated to the bar 🙂

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