UKGamesExpo – In A Bind

One attraction of games conventions is getting to play products that are still being developed or looking for investment so the designers can finance manufacturing.

In this case, Behrooz Shahriari was testing out a prototype of “in A Bind”, a party game that forces you to adopt bizarre body postures in an effort to follow the dictates of the cards you’re given.

WP_004871 - Copy

So you might need to put “one finger touching your armpit” or keep your “left elbow above shoulder”. They sound easy enough until you find out that the cards are cumulative and you somehow have to be able to pick up new cards without contravening the rules of the existing ones. 


So obvious comparisons to Twister but this game is a lot more practical. It should be playable seated around a table although the cards may have something to say about that.

Behrooz is now crowdsourcing the money for this game through KickStarter – it’s definitely worth at least the £3 which would get you a print-and-play set and £14 will provide you with the manufactured product. 

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One Response to UKGamesExpo – In A Bind

  1. Behrooz 'Bezman' Shahriari says:

    John, thanks for the write-up!

    I’m glad you found the kickstarter ok and enjoyed the prototype enough to make a pledge.

    There were a few changes to turn order and specific cards (and of course final art/components will be loads better), so hopefully it’ll be even more fun for you!

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