The Phoenix Inn, Twyford. No, not that Twyford. The other one.

On the way back from Marwell, we were in search of sustenance and came across this friendly pub. After not being able to get a table at The Bugle Inn and deciding that the charity event at The Rising Sun was not for us, that is.

Food wasn’t available until 7pm so we decided to settle in with a pint and wait. What immediately caught my eye was something that meant we could try all the beers in the pub without getting drunk! You could ask for three thirds instead of a pint, served up on a special wooden carrier.

Much to Sue’s irritation at our supposed pretentiousness, Simon and I were able to compare and contrast six different beers at a time. By the second round, we had sampled all eight that the pub had to offer. Such a marvellous idea. A decent range of beers too – in our sampling, we only found one that both Simon and I thought wasn’t as good as the rest and all were perfectly drinkable. 

Friendly staff and decent enough food although a couple of minor points:

  • An “extra hot beef chilli” should be what it says. Definitely needs to drop the ‘extra’.
  • “Handmade port sausages” were lovely but the gravy tasted a little too ‘instant’.




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