Al Murray at The Hexagon

Al delivers a good, long show without support – mostly interaction with the front row but also some almost structured delivery to allow home to with the rest of the audience a bit. Definitely one of the gigs where you choose your seats carefully. After my close call with the contents of his pint glass last time, I’m sitting in the balcony.

I was very impressed with his ability to manage contact by name with a decent number of people. Obviously remembering people’s names is a skill you can build up – I remember receiving the groundings on ‘personal excellence’ courses many years ago – but it is neat to see someone use it so  visibly.

The photo opportunity at the start of the second half (for those that were listening to the announcement) is a nice touch – people like to take a souvenir picture of the evening and it’s irritating having to do that sneakily in case the theatre staff object.



Me, taking a photo of Al, taking a photo of me (and everyone else)




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