Mark Thomas–Bravo Figaro

Mark is a very effective performer. His writing, timing and delivery are captivating, especially in “Work In Progress” which we saw last June and tonight’s “Bravo Figaro”. If you are after political comedy then you probably want “The People’s Manifesto” instead. This is emotional stuff – you would have to be weird even by my standards not to be moved.

“Bravo Figaro” (no relation to an 80s TV cop programme) explores Mark’s father’s love for opera, mortality, the class system and the things you do for family, amongst other topics. Originally from 2011, Mark has dusted the show off before jetting off to the sun and a tour of the show in Australia and New Zealand. It’s not much of a warm-up, though, as he doesn’t perform in Auckland until March 16-22 and Wollongong March 25-28.

There are audio recordings of conversations with family interspersed throughout which, with the photos on the projection screen make it very easy to imagine the real people he’s talking about. They may not be especially nice people but real they definitely become.

Bravo Figaro

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