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Robert Norman Davis OBE and friend

I have a very soft spot for Jasper Carrott, a marvellous comedian from the 70s. Like Python, some of his work easily comes to mind many decades on, having worn tracks through your memory. There was this blue flashing light … Continue reading

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Lucy Porter’s “Me Time” at South Street

Lucy Porter is delight to see and South Street’s cosy setup really lends itself to audience participation so a fun, intimate evening was had. Her revelations about being only 4’ 11” tall with a lofty 6ft+ husband will not let … Continue reading

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Café Scientifique – “What is Dark Matter?”

Professor Justin Reed from University of Surrey gave a good entry-level presentation on dark matter to a pretty full Monroe’s. Since its discovery by the Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky in the 1930′s, dark matter has continued to capture the public … Continue reading

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Skeptics in the Pub explore spaaaaace

Tonight’s Skeptics in the Pub guest was Sarah Kendrew, from Oxford University’s Astrophysics group, talking about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). One of the best parts of attending talks is the spin-off knowledge you pick up. Obviously you hear … Continue reading

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Otway and Barrett at the Purple Turtle

Hard to believe the Purple Turtle has been around since 1990 (and one building move in 1997 to avoid the Oracle’s bulldozers). Last year they spent a million on refurbishing the place and it is indeed really lovely. The decoration … Continue reading

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