Lucy Porter’s “Me Time” at South Street

Lucy Porter is delight to see and South Street’s cosy setup really lends itself to audience participation so a fun, intimate evening was had.

Her revelations about being only 4’ 11” tall with a lofty 6ft+ husband will not let me look at my sister in the same light again.

If you plan to see Lucy’s current tour, make sure you do your homework. There’s free chocolates for anyone that can suggest a famous person with a strong connection to the local area. I think we, the audience, performed reasonably against Wikipedia’s “List of people from Reading” and managed more than a handful of the usual suspects – Douglas Bader, Jane Austen, Rick Jervais, Sir John Madejski, Chris Tarrant, Kate Winslet, Oscar Wilde – but, on reflection, nobody who helped build the town and has their name in its fabric, such as Huntley & Palmer, Addington, Kendrick, and Simonds. I suppose these resonate with locals as representing places rather than real people.

“Graphene”. Not normally a word you hear on the comedy circuit but full marks to Lucy for helping to bring science to the masses. [[Artist Cornelia Parker (proposed, but rejected, Reading connection) will be working with Nobel Prize winning scientist Konstantin Novoselov to make art from tiny samples of pencil graphite from iconic drawings turned into graphene.]]

Lucy was supposed to ponder about being Hatshepsut the Egyptian Pharaoh – sadly this didn’t make the cut this evening. Will have to ask her what were her thoughts on the matter. Maybe it’s a beard thing.

Lucy Porter_001

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