Robert Norman Davis OBE and friend

I have a very soft spot for Jasper Carrott, a marvellous comedian from the 70s. Like Python, some of his work easily comes to mind many decades on, having worn tracks through your memory.

But that was a long time ago when I was a teenager. Now I’m very middle-aged and Jasper has had a free bus pass for a while now. As Jasper is on the road with Alistair McGowan,  it’s time to tick the “I’ve seen Carrott” box before it’s too late, possibly for both of us.

jasper and mcgowan

It’s an interesting billing. Carrott is banking on the nostalgia ticket because he’s been out of the limelight for years. Alistair, on the other hand, … oh, wait a minute,  “Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression ended 10 years ago. Hard to believe from the picture that he’s the same age as me.

The show is in 4 parts – AMG / JC / intermission / AMG / JC so not the normal star+support format.

Alistair is a very good impressionist – often I would close my eyes and easily imagine that it was Charlie Brooker speaking, or some other parodied celeb. I think it really helps if you like sports as there is a definite skew to the subject matter.  I, though, don’t watch much sport punditry so was left a little in the dark. My mood wasn’t helped by the experience of having eaten at the Handmade Burger Company earlier, so arriving late and pretty sober to the gig. Comedy requires beer to be really effective.

Jasper has a vast repertoire of jokes. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to do more than dust off an old sketch as the world will continue to change, regardless of what you would prefer. Case in point, the scrumping joke. The technological landscape when the sketch was written – I’m guessing mid 90s – has evolved quite dramatically in the intervening twenty years. IBM are no longer a company that make desktop computers. Don’t be so lazy.

Highlight was the encore when the guitar came out to play the punny humour I remembered him for. Would have happily watched a whole show of the same. Think I’ll go and buy some his 70s back catalogue…

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