TIDKIDK–what’s wrapped round the Rod of Asclepius?

Today’s thing I didn’t know I didn’t know is that the medical symbol of a snake-entwined staff – the Rod of Asclepius – may instead show the disgusting guinea worm which used to be slowly extracted from the body of its human host using a stick.


  • Wikipedia – Rod of Asclepius / Theories

    Thanks to the Scientific American “60-second Science” podcast for this unsettling knowledge.

  • Ex-President Wins Campaign against Ghastly Guinea Worm

      The podcast is highly recommended – who can’t spare a minute to learn something new?

      Additionally, after reading up on the rod, I learnt that the US military probably use the twin-snake version – the caduceus, traditional symbol of Hermes – due to some confusion over the symbol back in the 19th century.

    • Wikipedia – Caduceus as a symbol of medicine / Adoption by the US military
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