Poor stay at the London Docklands Ramada

It always amazes how there can sometimes be such a difference between the neat appearance of a hotel’s front desk and the room you get.

  1. First thing we noticed when we opened the door to our room was the smell. I don’t believe the previous occupants had actually smoked in the room but their breath and clothes had certainly left an olfactory mark on the room. I did try to get some fresh air into the room by opening up the window. Weirdly, the handle allowed me to open the internal window door-wise but this just revealed an eight inch gap to the external glass which itself was not designed to move. No idea why they bothered fitting a handle in the first place. So no fresh air.
  2. The cheap lampshades were very much the worse for wear. Two were crumpled in a way not envisaged by the designer, one of which was additionally spattered with coffee. Could so easily have been replaced beforehand.


  1. Stains weren’t reserved just for the lampshades as the sofa demonstrates. The photo below doesn’t really do the staining justice.


Lovely firm bed but that won’t convince us to go there again. Should have stayed in the Premier Inn next door.

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One Response to Poor stay at the London Docklands Ramada

  1. Craig says:

    Lorna and Rhiannon stayed at the Docklands Premier Inn a while back for the No Direction concert and found it to be up to their usual standards, i.e. clean, simple and everything working as it should. I have stayed at Ramadas on business across Europe and found them to be expensive Travelodges.

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