Library Pub Quiz!

As part of the 30 years anniversary for the central library in Reading, they held a Summer Quiz tonight. £4 to get in which, as usual, paid for booze and prizes. Sadly, I was driving so stuck to the apple juice.

Samantha wanted to go but not alone so I was volunteered to attend too. Was pleased to be recruited by an existing table of four to make a real powerhouse of knowledge.

The recent death of Christopher Lee was marked by a 20-question picture round – identify the film he’s appearing in. According to IMDB (which I checked later) he has 278 credits as an actor so we had little chance for probably half of the pictures – the ones NOT of the easy horror /SF/ Sherlock Holmes appearances. Really brought home how many films he’s been in and genres he’d crossed.

Also up for a memorial was Terry Pratchett with a 10-question section of his own. At last – questions I could answer! Grumblings from around the decidedly retired audience who had little clue who he was. Come on, he was your age when he died – you’ve no excuse.

And so, with a fat wad of Discworld points, we swept to victory! £50 of book vouchers shared between the team members – I will be Raising Steam with my winnings.


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