Bill Bailey–Limboland

Big fan of Bill Bailey, the comedian and musician – not to be confused with Axl Rose, the other famous comedian and musician – so reasonably happy to cough up £25 (+£2 ticket tax). He seems to be keeping his pulling power as tickets were only 5p less for the Qualmpeddlar tour back in 2013.

Doesn’t the Hexagon look lovely?


Impressed how many instruments Bill brought on stage with him. Guitars, a mandola (violin is to viola as mandolin is to mandola; simples), keyboards, and some ethnic (his word) wooden xylophony sort of thing, supported at one point with the sampled roar of the audience.


I was definitely in the right frame of mind for Bill’s comedy tonight. He made me laugh throughout and the muscles at the back of my scalp were aching after a while. Tried to ignore the often bemused person on my right that didn’t seem as tuned in.

As is usual with all comedy gigs, a spell is cast upon the audience such that all memory of the actual jokes and punch lines fades almost immediately after leaving the venue. Now all I have are “I’m a fully qualified bongos instructor”, Ramstein’s rendition of Abba’s Waterloo, and Bill’s story of being a drunken fanboy around Macca.

Dithered at the merch stall over buying “In Metal” but they are the same price online (although +P&P) for a signed copy. As Bill did seem to be hanging around afterwards to do autographs, I passed. Maybe I’ll add it to the Christmas list.

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