So you want your players to be Eyeball Beholderkin …

Step 1 – buy some dead cheap deely boppers



Step 2 – decapitate them



Step 3 – find a use for all the decapitated heads



Step 4 – Use Duct tape to stick a pair of headless deely boppers together

Make sure the springs of the deely boppers don’t line up with each other.
You want to create a spread-out fan of 4 springs.
The head band may have sets of spikes to help grip the person’s head.
You may want to remove some of the sets to stop the new head band being too spikey.



Step 5 – Cut off the excess head band

As the two bands are off-set from each other, there will be an each of extra plastic at each end.
Cut the excess off. This will mean the taped head band will be shorter than the original but the ends will be even.



Step 6 – Keep taping



Step 7 – Buy a load of polystyrene balls

40mm is a good size.



Step 8 – Drill holes in the polystyrene balls.

The hole needs to be small enough so that the head band springs fit in nice and tightly without needing glue.



Step 9  – Assemble

Replace any polystyrene balls that are not secure.



Step 10 – spray paint

You will need to hold each head band and spray each assembly individually.
Trying to spray them as in the photo will leave lots of bare patches.
Leave to dry for a few hours in such a way that the balls don’t touch anything.
Apply another coat and leave for a few days.



Step 11 – Make some bends (optional)

Insert straightened paper clips into the springs and bend to required angle.
This allows you to add bends to the springs without damaging the springs themselves.



Step 12 – Decorate with stick-on eyes



Step 13 – add some veins

Sharpy black or silver work well on purple.



Step 14 – Make as many as you need



Step 15 – Enjoy




  • Polystyrene balls – 10p each
  • Deely boppers – £1 each
  • Stick-on eyes – a few pennies each

Total £2.50 each

Also need:

  • Spray paint
  • Duct tape
  • Sharpie pens
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