Helping science

Many years ago, I used to sell items on eBay for friends and co-workers. Some of the items which didn’t sell are still cluttering up the loft, over a decade on. One piece of electronics I decided to dust off and give another go was a Philips Facial Studio HB175 tanning device. Thought that maybe February would be a good time to sell as the sunshine was in short supply.

Surprisingly someone from Southampton won the collection-only auction and offered to pop round to pick it up. I assume he was in the area…

Great news was that he worked in the Oceanography department of Southampton university and needed a UV source for one of their test tanks rather than to top up his tan.

So somewhere in Southampton, maybe at the National Oceanography Centre, I’ve managed to help some science get done.

This was a triumph!
I’m making a note here:
Huge success

It’s hard to overstate
my satisfaction




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