10 useful things…

I had just tidied up the lawn mower after a strenuous 2,000 square foot workout.

[[Had to use satellite photos to work out how much grass there is in our garden. Seems to be (very roughly) 1,500 out the front and 500 at the back. I think it’s important that I can help you visualise that by matching the area of our garden with some commonly used reference. There’s a handy website that is able do that for me. My garden is half the size of an IMAX screen.]] 

I always wrap the cable like so:


A figure-of-eight rather than a simple loop so you get more length of cable on each circuit; less loops means the cables will stay on the hooks better.

I’m sure my dad showed me this trick (or “life hack” in the new parlance) years ago. And then I thought this would be good for one of those shared list meme thingies – “10 useful things my dad taught me“. I started to try and recall what other sort of things that my dad would have helped me with. Little tricks to make life easier.

Another thought popped into my head. “But what about mum? Shouldn’t it be a ‘parents’ thing?” And then I realised that a “10 useful things my mum taught me” would look very different – how to eat; how to get dressed; how to wash…


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