Disappointing result in Southlake

Looking back at the 2014 local elections, there appeared to be a large number of people that would vote for the local LibDem councillor based on her activity, rather than politics, but were at heart UKIP supporters. All other parties lost votes to UKIP back then but only a few percent, even the Conservatives.

South Lake
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Democrat Beth Rowland 535 33.8 -10.5
Conservative Laura Blumenthal 462 29.2 -3.2
UKIP Timothy Robinson 275 17.4 +17.4
Labour Ian Hills 222 14.0 -2.9
Green Pamela Prior 85 5.3 -1.1
Majority 73 4.6 -7.3
Turnout 1579 38.7

Come 2018, the UKIP and Green votes seem to have been equally shared between the two pro-Brexit parties (+11% to both Labour and Conservatives). Beth merely retained the share of the voters she had four years ago.

South Lake
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Jenny Cheng 801 40.3 +11.1%
Liberal Democrat Beth Rowland 682 34.3 +0.5%
Labour Tony Skuse 497 25.0 +11%
Majority 119 6.0
Turnout 1987 45

Only plus point is the impressive 45% turnout.

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