Jelly Writers (June 2018)

Jelly Writers
2nd Tuesday of month, 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Jelly Studios, Broad St Mall
A group for adults who want to improve their creative writing. Join us for discussions of writing techniques, writing exercises and critiquing each other’s work. Please bring something to write with and something to write on.
Register here:

This week was “Dictionary Corner”. 5-10 minutes to write something that includes random words from the dictionary. I think the comprehensive coverage provided by the large dictionary chosen did make the exercise more challenging than expected. Five of the thirteen words I was unaware of and one of those I could only pronounce due to having lived in Wales for a few years.

Exercise 1

The satellite silently sailed high above. A gravimeter recording the fluctuations below. Unknown landscapes revealed with each pass. A polyester stove pipe-shaped collector slowly filtered the particles drifting in the breeze. A stainless steel harpoon jabbed out and speared a creature slithering past for examination. Almost too quiet to hear, the beeps as the CPU transmitted back to Earth, seemingly in a terzarima pattern.

Beepity beep beep.
Beep da beep.
Beepity beep beep.
Beep da beep.
Beep beep da beep
Beep da beep.

Exercise 2

The power boat was gunning it full-bore across the estuary. Mark, riding each bounce with gritter teeth, applied his graphicacy to the map tightly clenched in his hands. Every few seconds his focus would be broken and he’d have to stare at the chart again to see where they were going, determining both latitude and long. Soon they pulled up to the small jetty near the refinery, the sickly sweet whiff of pentane in the air.
“Come on, Mark,” called the mad pilot. “Morphogenesis waits for no man. We have markets to shift and no time to hang around. Markets don’t shift themselves.”
Mark slowly clambered up the metal ladder.

Exercise 3

Dafydd shouted at the head druid.
“You call this a buffet fit for a bard?
The sandwiches are starting to curl at the edges.
The Scotch eggs would be better used in a game of shinty.
The pakora are so crumbly as to be almost lepromatous.
And who has laverbread and cockles for lunch?
This is the worst gorsedd fun day picnic in years.
Resign! And let someone more able take your place.”

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