Andrew Maxwell – Norden Farm

Andrew Maxwell is a lovely comedian who I haven’t been able to see live for years.

My first experience was sitting in front of him at the rear of a plane back from Stockholm in 2008; we just assumed he was a very talkative, inebriated Irishman.

First gig we saw was a couple of years later at South Street. My enduring memory of that was Andrew mimicking someone waving a lantern to signal U-boats off the neutral Irish coast during WW2.

Since then exposure has been mainly limited to listening to his insightful appearances on Radio 4’s The News Quiz, with one visit last year to London to see a recording where we were fortunate that he was a guest. “It’s not the Irish border, it’s the British border in Ireland. The Irish border is the beach.

Stock photo used everywhere for the 2019 tour:

Andrew Maxwell

When I heard he was on tour, I immediately bought a ticket – a year in advance. Two tickets bought March 2018 for April 2019.  Didn’t want to have the gig sell out on me. Of course, a couple of months pass and the Student Nationals are announced for the same week so I’ll miss the gig! Luck was as at hand and I noticed that Andrew was playing Norden Farm just down the A4 in Maidenhead and a front row seat was available so I decided to see him there and worry about the South Streets tickets nearer the time. More time passes and I decide to drop out of the Nationals (after 14 years attending) so now I have tickets for Maidenhead and Reading…

Andrew’s set, not surprisingly, had a fair share of Brexit observations and it was good to hear his Irish perspective on things, such as the border. Interesting fact – the “international border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland” is about 310 miles long which is 8 miles longer than Ireland itself (it’s all the twisty bits).

Apparently Andrew likes the English, which is why he’s been living here for so long. This good natured approach permeates his show and for me that is part of the appeal. Or maybe an act for the audience, though, and it’s all a trick. Maybe I’ll never find out. Will have to pay more attention next month in Reading.

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2 Responses to Andrew Maxwell – Norden Farm

  1. Samantha Breakwell says:

    You may have spotted it and corrected it since but just in case, this post says March 2019 and I think it’s supposed to say March 2018

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