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Songs from the Nationals

For the last four years I’ve been running a D&D/Pathfinder game for the Student Nationals. To make the game more fun, I’ve started making props for the players – last year they were given Beholder deely boppers: This year, microphones: … Continue reading

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Helping science

Many years ago, I used to sell items on eBay for friends and co-workers. Some of the items which didn’t sell are still cluttering up the loft, over a decade on. One piece of electronics I decided to dust off … Continue reading

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Finally, a phone upgrade

“Early adopter” is not really something you would expect to see on my technology profile. For Christmas 2011, I was treated to a HTC Radar Windows Phone (a year after Windows 7 came out). It’s a lovely little phone – … Continue reading

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Dr Strange at the movies

It must be getting on for nearly 40 years since I last read a Dr Strange story and that would have been a reprint of the earlier 1960s US comic as backup feature in Marvel UK’s “The Avengers”. I found the … Continue reading

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So you want your players to be Eyeball Beholderkin …

Step 1 – buy some dead cheap deely boppers   Step 2 – decapitate them   Step 3 – find a use for all the decapitated heads   Step 4 – Use Duct tape to stick a pair of headless … Continue reading

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At the Mountains of Madness in Bracknell

I’ve now added HP Lovecraft to the list of authors whose books I have seen become theatre. He’s in the good company of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen which indicates how short and niche that list really is. Tonight was … Continue reading

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So we bought an Xbox One

Hard to believe that the Xbox One had been out for two years before we had any reasons to buy one. Reason #1 – Rock Band 4 Reason #2 – Crackdown (Summer 2016 release) I looked around for offers and, … Continue reading

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