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Andrew Maxwell – Norden Farm

Andrew Maxwell is a lovely comedian who I haven’t been able to see live for years. My first experience was sitting in front of him at the rear of a plane back from Stockholm in 2008; we just assumed he … Continue reading

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Bill Bailey–Limboland

Big fan of Bill Bailey, the comedian and musician – not to be confused with Axl Rose, the other famous comedian and musician – so reasonably happy to cough up £25 (+£2 ticket tax). He seems to be keeping his … Continue reading

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Trevor Noah? What a git

Last December, I eagerly bought tickets to see Trevor Noah at the Hexagon. I’d seen him on the TV a few times and thought he would be a nice addition to the comedy gigs we see in town. Front row … Continue reading

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Everything exists on the Internet. Everything

Juliet Meyers (lovely comedian) tweeted today: “Every year I vow to get a tattoo but don’t.” So I asked her: “If you did eventually get a tattoo, what would it be of?” She replied: “that’s what stops me. Dunno, possibly … Continue reading

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Robert Norman Davis OBE and friend

I have a very soft spot for Jasper Carrott, a marvellous comedian from the 70s. Like Python, some of his work easily comes to mind many decades on, having worn tracks through your memory. There was this blue flashing light … Continue reading

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Lucy Porter’s “Me Time” at South Street

Lucy Porter is delight to see and South Street’s cosy setup really lends itself to audience participation so a fun, intimate evening was had. Her revelations about being only 4’ 11” tall with a lofty 6ft+ husband will not let … Continue reading

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Mark Thomas–Bravo Figaro

Mark is a very effective performer. His writing, timing and delivery are captivating, especially in “Work In Progress” which we saw last June and tonight’s “Bravo Figaro”. If you are after political comedy then you probably want “The People’s Manifesto” … Continue reading

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