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Home Cooking – Meatloaf

Looking through the Waitrose free newspaper, I spotted an interesting recipe: Quince-glazed meatloaf. By coincidence, I already had the bulk of the ingredients – minced pork, minced veal, streaky bacon – in the freezer so this looked worth a shot. … Continue reading

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Home cooking – Paella

Lots more opportunites for home cooking these days. Today I have decided to have a paella. Thankfully, the larder has all I need. Will need to restock a bit now, though. In a large saucepan on a medium heat, soften … Continue reading

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Naan pizza

Hmmm…. what’s available for tea? Slices of pork from the Sunday roast last weekend Buffalo Mozzarella Couple of plain naans left over from a “Waitrose Indian Takeaway for 2” Tomato paste Oregano, Paprika and Parsley Pizza!  

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Problem–how to focus on weight loss. Solution–make flapjack!

At the back of the larder, I found a box of Quaker Oats’ ‘Oat So Simple’ sachets from 2013 that Sue had once shown an interest in having for breakfast. “Waste not, want not” so opened all the sachets and … Continue reading

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Recipe–Bloody Mary Cocktail (sausage)

Thanks to Juliet Dimmick for the inspiration. Ingredients Pack of 30 cocktail sausages (400g) Can of chopped tomatoes (400g) or equivalent amount of passata if a smoother sauce is preferred Stick of celery, chopped A carrot, chopped Half a dozen … Continue reading

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How much salt?!

I sometimes wonder why a meal I make from scratch doesn’t always taste as good as one made with the aid of a packet mix. Is it the “freshness” of the dried ingredients? I must admit that the herbs in … Continue reading

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Stupid packaging

I like the current trend for colourful and/or amusing packaging used by niche food producers such as Innocent (drinks) and Higgidy (pies). It adds personality to the brand and gives you something to read. The text on the packaging, though, … Continue reading

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Eating out Nigerian style at the 9ja Restaurant

It’s always nice to find a new restaurant with items on the menu you have never tried before. Prime example is the 9ja restaurant on Queen’s Walk next to the Hexagon. As the name suggests, the menu is Nigerian – … Continue reading

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But … it’s round…

I had to buy one of these from Waitrose. It’s a courgette … but it’s round! It looks like someone took a normal courgette and started inflating it. Will make a great ratatouille.

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The timers, they are a-changing

Sadly, our white kitchen timer has finally died on us after several years of sterling service. I liked the wind-up mechanism as it required no batteries and was pretty reliable. When I looked for a replacement, I had something similar … Continue reading

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