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Stupid packaging

I like the current trend for colourful and/or amusing packaging used by niche food producers such as Innocent (drinks) and Higgidy (pies). It adds personality to the brand and gives you something to read. The text on the packaging, though, … Continue reading

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Trawling Waitrose for red stickers

I love the badly designed computer system Waitrose use to match barcodes to prices. I’m sure they’ll fix it eventually but for the moment there’s still the chance you’ll find a bargain that means they pay you to take food … Continue reading

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I’ll never be any good in Marketing

Looking for lunchtime refreshments in the local Co-Op (conveniently placed 150 yards away from the office), I noticed a Pepsi offer which seemed OK – £1.80 for a litre of coke instead of the usual £2.50 for a pair of … Continue reading

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Coffee always best with a syrup

To get that special coffee flavour, you should have a decent stock of Monin syrups. The 5-pack that seems to be only available for Christmas is a good place to start: Crème brûlée Roasted hazelnut Gingerbread Praline Caramel The crème … Continue reading

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I just want some sushi rice

In the Woodley Waitrose there is a set of shelves for rice – very convenient for anybody requiring rice. They have pudding rice, basmati rice (oh so many different types), risotto rice (again of many kinds), paella rice, Thai fragrant … Continue reading

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Stay away from money-off vouchers!

Had a Robert Dyas voucher – spend £30 and get £5 off – which I thought I could make good use of. Surely the store would have a plethora of useful items I could purchase at a reduced price. No; … Continue reading

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